We learned early on we had the shared love for photography (our first date actually)! Ask Greg and he’ll say he had a camera in hand in his earliest memories. Ask Kait and she’ll say she always had an eye, she just needed to take the time to learn the ropes.

Not only do we share the love for photography, but also the taste for adventure. We’ve tackled 11 national parks in the past 2 years, and we are just getting started! Travel and Photography are the most perfect match, and it’s on the road The Blended Lens was truly born. The brightest ideas come while lost in the backcountry and on the open road and that just so happens to be our favorite place to document.

Kait is originally from Tucson, AZ and Greg grew up in Birmingham, AL. We are based full-time in Fort Collins, CO but as mentioned, we are always ready to travel.

Our friends and clients have pointed out how well we work together. While in the field, we are on the same wavelength. As aligned as we are, we are total opposites at the same time. Our personalities, our upbringings, our perspectives…couldn’t be more different. But that’s what makes us beautiful, keeps things spicy, and what we consider our greatest strength of our relationship and our business.

It has been such a blessing to blend our lives into one. We really make the best partners, and that shines in our photography. We hope to have you as our focal point in the future!

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